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I can’t say exactly how a “staycation” differs from a normal weekend, local-wander, or just hanging out. It’s got something to do with intention, I think.

Summer grass

With the rare fortune of getting to see friends for more than just a few hours. Sharing home-prepared meals and more than one occasion of frozen treats.

Tomato, mozzarella, basil

Friends enjoy ice cream

Sharing stories, dreams, challenges, and silly moments.

Caro and Jack = catbeard

What’s a catbeard you ask?

A staycation most definitely includes local treasures: in our case, a short drive to Broadmore Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick. Peaceful exploring and spying on turtles; less-peaceful attempts at dodging mosquitos.

Tree growing along the ground

Two turtles on a log

Looking over the map

There’s something about a continuation of effort, but without the burden of expectation.


Phoebe in the meadow

Appreciating what we have, in the moment that we have it.

Twigs and leaves in Lauren's hair

Can you spot the twigs and leaves in Lauren’s hair?

Gummy candy on the forest floor

Can you spot the gummy candy?