From time to time, I become aware of a place and think wow! I’d really like to go there. My assumption is that I never will, but more often than not it happens that I find myself walking through the door . . .

Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building entrance

A trip to DC for work prompted me to ask friends where I should visit, even as a little voice in my head whispered: the ultimate librarytour: Library of Congress. I engaged in the bare minimum of research, glancing over the options for the Library of Congress. Three whole buildings (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison Memorial) dedicated to research, and at least one holding American folklife history as well as tweets.

Statue in Library of Congress

Good in everything mural, Library of Congress Enjoying the beautiful hall, Library of Congress Similar to visits to the New York Public Library, I opted to go for the iconic, even though I knew these beautiful spaces don’t actually house books (at least not books intended to be held, sniffed for their gorgeous and memorable library-smell, checked out.)

Of course, even in the halls of softly glowing marble, security guards, brightly restored murals, treasured collections (ensconced in glass), interpreters/tour guides, long, empty passageways, and tourists, I often find a haven for young people.

Cardboard reading children at Library of Congress Read it first in the YRC

Hunger Gams in Braille Locating books to touch and exclaim at and pour over, I soak them in.

The turtle spits at Neptune

Neptune's lady

Err . . . a different sort of soaking at the Court of Neptune Fountain in front of the library