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For me, a year has a few transition points: the harvest and cold-weather holidays, July 4th (my birthday), and annual Maine Vacation.

Friends swim in Worthley Pond

Going back around eight years, a group of friends, loosely connected via my alma mater, have gathered at a farm house on Worthley Pond. We cook for one another, play games, and challenge each other to accept our quirks and eccentricities for up to ten whole days in a sort of self-imposed group-isolation.

Toasting over an open fire
Playing the uke in Maine
Daddy helps Redd fly
Homemade pizzas
Pellechs quilt in progress

People say it’s good to take a vacation to recharge. Our Maine Vacation is more a reset. A shoring up and storing the clear pond-smell, sunsets, and quiet moments with my partner. I time-release these memories slowly throughout the hectic fall. ‘Till next summer.

Tea on the shore