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On a bike ride home from Dorchester, I got lost.

One confused turn led to another, to another. Traveling down a road lined with brick homes that reminded me of the old military base I once lived near in New Jersey, I stopped in front of a welcoming yellow building. And then I was found.

View of Boston Nature Center

Boston Nature Center front

The best thing about getting lost in Boston is that it’s a fail-proof method for learning what is where and how the neighborhoods connect.

Stick lean-to in progress

The Boston Nature Center is an urban wildlife sanctuary located on the grounds of the former Boston State Hospital. It offers programming for elementary school age children as well as miles of trails and many bushes under which rabbits graze to their heart’s content.

Rabbit spots the photographer

Lots and lots of rabbits . . .

Rabbit with tail up

Rabbits just chillin

Two rabbits hide in grass

Look closely for two sets of ears!

Right nearby to the Nature Center are the Clark Cooper Community Gardens. Described as some of Boston’s oldest, this impressively large collection of community gardens probably does not welcome rabbits. In the past, friends and I once spotted some wild turkeys loitering around the edges.

Horse trinket on fence

Green roof at Clark Cooper Community Gardens

Fence post

Gardens in the sun

So what have you found when you were lost?