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Once upon a time, I learned a fine method for departing with items once cared for, but currently out-of-use: take a picture.

Got Yarn? t-shirt

1st Boston Knit-out Festival I attended

After stockpiling a selection of T-shirts that I wore pretty much to-death, I decided to enlist some assistance and employ this method. The result? A virtual, visual library of memories spun from cotton and dye. I’m still the person I was, who purchased or received these shirts as gags or gifts or glimmers of who I was leaning towards being.

Martha Stewart no justice no quiche t-shirt

Worn during march on Washington for women’s reproductive rights

CCBN top ten reasons to work here t-shirt

Job of old

I miss the opportunity to wear them, now that (most of) these old Ts have been converted to dust cloths and hankerchiefs. I don’t miss the burden of owning more than I can appreciate wearing.

WECB Emerson radio station

Never wore this shirt because it bothered my eyes

Hemp recycle bicycle t-shirt

In my experience, hemp doesn’t get as soft as proported

Boston Knit-out & Crochet 2005 t-shirt

Designed by my gent, and then washed to death