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Some stories are so good, a person trips over herself trying to tell them. How to begin?

Hilken and Nora kick off Lady's Rock Camp

With my mother and her newly acquired electric keyboard? How she surprised me with an affirmative to my inquiry, asked slightly in jest: hey, Ma, want to do Ladies Rock Camp with me this spring?

With the brief essays we wrote for our applications, mining our memories for favorite musicians and artistic influences (me: Stevie Wonder; mom: Yanni.)

Sly Juice on the keys during dress rehearsal

With my learned love of alternate learning opportunities? Like libraries. Like volunteering. Like skillshare.

With forty-plus women, in support of girls, signed up for a three-day rock and roll bootcamp? With Girls Rock Campaign Boston, bursting on the scene in 2010, educating girls ages eight to seventeen in the ways of music and self-empowerment.

Lady's Rock Camp opening circle

The story, on paper or on screen, holds more than I can give words to. More nerve. More verve. More vulnerabilities. More inspiration. More risk-taking. More generosity. More skill. More dancing. More surprises. More support.

Disco ball

Song writing workshop


Dance party - first night

Dance party with DJ Sit N Spin

Band coaches

Screen printing band t-shirts

Maids of Mayhem in band practice

First time on stage

Phoebe on vocals, Tonya on guitar

Getting prepared for band photo shoot

So I’m not going to attempt to tell this tale linear. Here are some impressions. Here are some photos. Here is a challenge for you to sign yourself up (or your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friend), and find out. Tell your own story.

Maids of Mayhem on stage at T.T. the Bears Cambridge

However this thing begins, you can be sure it ends with gratitude.

Oh. And a video. Rocking out to Maids of Mayhem!

LRC Maids of Mayhem 4-2013 from Phoebe Sinclair on Vimeo.