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Sometimes there is a sweet simplicity to being a family of two (or three if you consider the non-contributing, four-pawed, fur-child who lives with us): simple, quiet weekends. Though, occasionally what at first pass seems simple can grow a fringe of busyness, seemingly out of nowhere.

Last Friday I thought to myself, Oh goody! This Saturday I’ll spend the day cooking for the Boston Food Swap on Sunday, and also I’ll get a haircut. Then, on Sunday, I’ll hang with friends at a brunch potluck and go to the Food Swap.

Simple. Meandering. Quiet. Sort of.

10 AM Paul Gore Street Yard Sale
12 Noon Lunch at Blue Nile Cafe in Hyde Square
2 PM Book Sale at our local library branch (oops, missed it!)
3 PM – Midnight Bake bread, prep contribution for Sunday’s brunch

9 AM Bake gluten-free vanilla scones for brunch
11 AM Drop off 35mm film
12 Noon-2 PM Potluck brunch
2 PM Race out door to Food Swap (luckily find ride)
2:30-4 PM Attend Boston Food Swap with friend
5 PM Clean house
7 PM Go to the movies with D (a rarity!)


Waffles and eggs

Chocolate marshmellow yum