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Ah, ha!  As promised, my 2011 resolutions and summarized results:


  • Focus on improving my health, including my co-counseling practice, meditation, “dance therapy,” learning to stretch, and establishing a pre-bed routine –a work in progress. I did a fair amount of dancing (for free even! with people I love!), and learned a few meditation techniques that slipped off me faster than rain down a greased window.
  • Be more courageous in my interactions with people; talk less, listen more –another work in progress, though I’m happy with my level of attention to this resolution. “Talk less, listen more” was my mantra for the year.
  • Refocus my energy towards writing and craft, including setting up a desk/creative workspace –done! Well, the workspace, anyway. I’m still working on the writing and craftin’ part.  Interestingly, film photography sprung up in my life and I’ve tripped along behind like a child to the piper.
  • Be more intentional about celebrating my partnershipI suppose you’d have to ask the person at the other end about my progress! I’m quite good at not taking him for granted, but he’s far more skilled at little affections like bringing me flowers and limoncello, or graciously ignoring my rolled eyes at his many jokes and puns.


  • Sell the novelnope! However, my writer’s group of a decade has a project under it’s belt that I hope to share very soon.
  • Update my resume by spring 2011 –done. Solid, but much too lengthy.  Hey!  None of us is perfect.
  • Visit Seattle with my partner and our friend Barry in spring 2011 –oh, Seattle!  Mythical re-location city of my imagination.  This was one of those goals I had my doubts about when I set it to paper, insisting that the simple act of writing could summon the same magic that bundled me, despite my lost passport and lack of cash, and set me in Paris one year earlier. 
  • Collect five new pieces of art or writing created by friends –on my way. Purchased: Underlife by January Gill O’Neil, Cat Secrets by Jef Czekaj, and a burnt toast plush by a crafter I admire.

Now that those are out-of-the-way, stay tuned for Whole Heart Resolve 2012!  It’ll knock your socks off.  If you have socks.  If you want them knocked off.

Muddy sneaker