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Ready for wine - New Years Day 2012

I was never one for new year’s resolutions. For one, contemporary culture convinced the younger-me that resolutions were a fiction of the sort that also brought us unicorns and guilt-free candy. For another, the new year often rushes up and rolls over before I’ve time to contemplate what went and what’s to come.  Third, I’m not sure I completely believe in the concept of a year as I’ve learned it!

In 2010, however, I caught the resolution bug.  Maybe it was starting that 101 list back in 2009 but, somehow, writing an idea down and telling people about it became to me a magic of the sort that also brings us natural impossibilities.  I became addicted.

For 2012, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to form fully realized thoughts beyond what can I eat next or is it bedtime yet, so I can safely say I haven’t settled my resolve for the coming cycle of sun and moon. Thus, to buy myself some time, I’d like to share my annotated 2010 accomplishments/attempts (as described in a different digital journal.)

Stay tuned for my 2011 outlook.


  • Begin each work day by writing down three tasks to accomplish – after practicing for about a year, I now consider this a fully internalized habit. Big score for this resolution!
  • Visit Jaleesa in Paris, Francedone and done!  After discovering my passport missing the day before I left, and the requisite broken heart, me and mine made the impossible possible and I flew to France as the honored representative from family Newby/Sinclair/Jones. Got to take a break from the hyperactive U.S., pleasure in traveling alone, and, for the first time in my life, spent five unchaperoned days alongside my favorite cousin/younger sibling -getting to know her better and enjoying the city through her eyes. Then I visited my long-loved friend, her sister, and family in Leipzig, Germany. A big win on this resolution/adventure/misadventure.
  • Each week, plan a session of down time, reading time, and writing timecontinuous, I succeeded better on the writing front than on reading and down time. Kudos to my favorite co-counseling partner for teaching me how to sit still and listen, and feel not only content in doing so, but also honored for the opportunity. Kudos to me for applying this skill to other parts of my life –you haven’t heard anything til you’ve listened to the sound of thirty geese plucking and eating grass down by the muddy river as you swoop past on your bike, under a rain grayed sky. Kudos to my partner for morning walks, and through whom I’ve “read” all sorts of books and magazine articles vicariously. Kudos to the library. This is a resolution to keep working on. 
  • Complete a version of my middle grade novel to send to interested agent by summer 2010 –to be continued, Finished my second draft summer 2010 -was it August? Still not the book I want it to be, so I started round three in the fall and worked my way to the middle of the book by December 2010. 
  • Find one way to celebrate each season and record/blog about it –nope, Did the celebrating via experiencing and being out in the world. Not so much the blogging.
  • Post to Librarytour once per month –nope, Still struggling with this one. I need to talk through the blog, figure out what my intention (other than the obvious: celebrate libraries, travel,) and re-imagine how I want to work with it.