The Internet is GREAT.

It’s the magical mix tape of our lives . . . in the sky, with maybe some of that shiny black ribbon hanging out. A person (or talented cat) can laugh, love, dislike, hate on, mock, unfriend/follow, applaud, listen, commiserate, get bizarre, self-refer, or hatch terrible, no good, very bad plans (or SPAM) simultaneously, depending on one’s propensity for/against multi-tasking (or evil).

And then there’s this . . .


Ugh. Internets, why you no forget?


Somewhere between 1998 and 2013, I grudgingly acquiesced to a campaign of radical acceptance related to instances of me on the Internets. That is: I refuse to try to eradicate every single awful photo (of which there are and will be many, MANY); I’m not going to over-curate my persona(s) to make myself out as superhuman (am I succeeding? dunno); and I will accept that, like weather, favors change and thus crumbles the cookie (ie. behavioral expectations for the manner in which our digital selves will continue to evolve #thankyouTwittershaming)

With this in mind, I will RIGHT NOW practice some radical self-acceptance and claim these Visages of Phoebe that will be forever (maybe) emblazoned on that all-important series of tubes (I mean servers. That’s what you were referring to, Al Gore. We know.)

Cambridge City Councillor Nadeem Mazen’s team did great work on this short featuring Agassiz Baldwin Community (though, it’s tough to watch myself on video)


Brock of The Sprocket Podcast has solid interview skillz. This conversation was fun and relaxed, and somehow listening to myself isn’t as nerve-wracking as viewing: http://bit.ly/the-sprocket-E219bcal/