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Red garden orb

Some years it’s weather that prompts us to tarry longer than we planned before making the 280-ish mile trek to coastal New Jersey. Other years, a dip in health. Some, friends’ invitations to holiday engagements. Others, energy (or severe lack there of.)

This December, check ‘D.’ All of the above.

Frosted leaves

Flower display outside Vee Vee

Christmas Day, instead of opening gifts in David’s parents’ ocean-edge, cliff-top home, D and I took a stroll in the record-setting warmth. The sunlight was gorgeous, so naturally I wandered with my camera.

Dried hydrangea

We weren’t the only ones out and about. (Close, though.)

See the squirrel

Run, squirrel!

Daughter and mother bike on sidewalk

Centre St. Post Office in sun

Silk flower

Bench in sun at Jamaica Pond

We were among the few seated for a treat at one of our favorite Jamaica Plain restaurants, Cafe Beirut. Ah, well. More for us.

Rosewater lemonade 2


Baklava, I declare my love.