In a recent assignment I created for my writer’s group, I asked members to identify their favorite beginnings and endings. Readymade blogpost, what-what?! 

The Assignment
Select/identify three to five of your favorite beginning and/or ending sentences from books, articles, poems, what have you. What moves you about each?

Phoebe’s Favs

“I can’t believe you’ve come back
Like the train I missed so badly, barely
Which stopped and returned for me. It scared me
Humming backwards along the track.” – sonnet by Brenda Shaughnessy, “Rise” –love the imagery & sensuality, the “meet-cute” of the mundane & the shocking

“Tyger, Tyger burning bright” –sonnet by William BlakeThe Tyger– intrigue, danger, fire, tigers, wow!

EQ This cover alone brought me careening into the world of comics, of which I’m now a lifetime Reader (cap intended)

“She was not someone’s sister, she was not someone’s child. She was Dolores, and Dolores was the good guys.” – Bruce BrooksDolores: Seven Stories About Her –I think this is the best summarization of a character; the tone of these two lines has inspired several characters in my own novels

“Peace, tremulous, unexpected, sent a taproot out of nowhere into Morgan’s heart.” –Patricia McKillipRiddle-Master: The Complete TrilogyThis quote appears, unbidden, in my thoughts on a regular basis and has deeply influenced what I think an ending should be

“It was only then that Burl noticed that someone found him a real pair of shoes. They seemed quite new, and they fit him well.” –Tim Wynne-JonesThe Maestrosays so little, says so much, I ♥ the practical

So how about you, my friend? Begs & Ends?