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Cape Cod beach in winter

I didn’t go to college to bank on the residuals.

The plan (as set by culture/expectations/my own desire to live a “good life”): gain admission to a competitive (but not too competitive!) college, graduate with new skills and insights, find employment that matches those skills (hey, what happened to the insight?), enjoy surprising success and satisfaction . . .  as a writer (easy, right?), give back.

Caro walks

Friends walk through the snowy dunes

The story beneath the story, the unsuspect-able truth? My most valued takeaway from that “competitive college” isn’t skills, or even insight, it’s community. For me, opportunity isn’t about inching closer to a big pool of cash. And it’s not just my craft (writing) that feeds me, I crave and thrive in employment that pays the heart.

My path is a curious one. It wanders.

Christian washes kale

Blue, wooden bowls

Opportunity is that train of connection that leads to adventure. It’s one day inviting an interesting stranger to coffee, followed by a shocking connection with that endures. Five years pass and here I’m lounging in a warm Cape Cod kitchen, laughing with friends made at stops along the way.

A jog through the snowy woods

Ice sliding

Playing together on the frozen pond

Friends tumble on the frozen pond

I often view “choice” as leading directly to “result.” Thank goodness life can be so much less linear than one predicts.

Bunny hat and a basket