Summer’s end, as part of the work plan that sets the tone for another year (my ninth) as a community worker, I made a secret goal: be calm.

Public art, Rockport, MA

It’s a new strategy.

Fall in the city of universities is crazy. Probably it’s the constant influx of the youthful energy that keep Boston and environs hopping from September to December. I’m throwing events out the window, there are so many festivals and friend-gatherings and work responsibilities. Years of flat-out running have trained me to expect that, once fall hits, I’ll loose my keys, wallet, time, name.

Public art/bench, Rockport, MA

What I’m trying to tell you, friendly reader, is that while I was able to carve out time to work on my novel, Whole Heart Local has been autumn’s freshest victim. I’ve been amassing blog topics, writing posts in my head on my bike commute, and carting my camera from event to event. I’m keeping half of the bargain of good blog care-taking.

Hoping to catch up with the other half soon . . .

Man with dog, Rockport, Ma