Throughout my life, I’ve found, no, made time to read. Early mornings, during lunch, staying up late with riveting fiction when I should be getting shut-eye for the next day. Whatever it takes.

I’m rarely without a book, magazine, comic, catalog, flyer, playbill, postcard, print-out from the web, fundraising letter. It’s got words? I have it in my pack, maybe two of ’em!

too much reading material

My partner and I bought these along on a ten-day vacation once. No lie.

My to-read list? It’s scary. The number of years in my life are a poor match for the number of books on my list.

I’ve been using the website Goodreads since 2007. Beginning 2013, I decided to at least get that particular to-read list under control. So I’ve worked to whittle -wicking a few books I’ll likely never touch, re-allocating some to Paperbackswap (if a book shows up in the mail, then I’ll submit to reading it), and requesting a score or two through library request systems.


I’ve grown stricter about the length of time books can stay in the queue before being shoved off the edge like one of those coin-push games at the arcade.

Still. So much to read . . .

the haul from brookline library

Library haul