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That’s right. I said it: SOUPer bowl. At Roxbury’s very own community-boosting Haley House Bakery and Cafe, the sport isn’t how far you can run with a synthetic pigskin, but how much soup you can spoon before gastrointestinal collapse.

Heather helps herself to some soup

For me, in case you wondered, that’s about six or seven bowls filled to 1/4 full.

An event originally organized by now-retired Boston Localvores, the non-profit Haley House has taken over inviting chefs to create soups using wholesome, locally sourced ingredients to raise funds for its programming that addresses homelessness, joblessness, and hopelessness.

At the first Souper Bowl I attended, (Souper Bowl III, I believe), my companions and I picked up our hand-thrown ceramic bowls by MassArt’s Clay for Change and waded into a full-house of soup-lovers.

For my second Souper Bowl experience, I promised myself to work the room strategically but promptly fell for a soulful seafood chowder that blew me and my companions away. Skipped the bread, was careful with the water, but still my stroll home at the end of the evening looked more a waddle. Souper Bowl V, you won, but there’s always next year!

Under the Souper Bowl sign

MeiMei serves up carrot soup

MeiMei Street Kitchen staff serve up carrot soup

Bowls - for keeps

Hand-thrown bowls for keeps, seriously