I pity the book that is checked out first to me.

As a former library employee, a current library-frequenter, and one who deeply respects books, it shames me to admit this. But it’s true, if you want your book returned unmolested -no salad dressing stains, no rumpled page edges, no unsightly scratches on the new dustcover- don’t lend it to me!

How surprised I was when this beauty turned up.


Nope. Wasn’t me.

Not only did I expect not to lay eyes on this paperback by the much respected researcher Brené Brown anytime soon (I was number seriously-double-digits on the library’s wait list),  I also didn’t expect it to turn up rumpled, stained, and just plain dirty.

Yes! I can read it while eating pb&j. 

Wait. BPL, you didn’t read me write that.