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At thirteen, I started my first paid job as a page at my local library. Among many boring and not-so-boring tasks: shelving books and folding letters and flyers for mailing. I remember marveling at how my fingerprints were possibly on every single thing in that children’s room.

At twenty-one, I started my first job out of college as an administrative assistant at a dotcom boom era start-up. I stuffed many thousand envelopes and collated collateral. I felt amazed by how, for pay, I touched things and converted them into other, supposedly more valuable things.

Today I rolled a ball from a skein, the yarn sliding through my fingers, silken yet firm. Touching every part of a thing. The work I’m doing is not for pay, but for learning, for creativity as I excitedly anticipate my first class at Gather Here, a soulful neighborhood knit/crochet/sew/craft shop in Cambridge.

yarn on the yuke