A great idea

It’s like someone took hold of 2012 and shook it hard. Catapulted right through that year. There were some beautiful moments, and some hard moments.

Looking back at my 2012 Resolutions and Goals


  1. Practice trust (instead of worry) -this mantra helped enormously with my propensity to worry, it was a bit like a prayer -putting trust out into the great unknown
  2. Understand that everyone is doing the best they are able -another good one, ruminating on this aided in forgiving others, forgiving myself, and more desire to understand instead of judge


  1. Discover timing and space that works for “Confessions,” and the other books to come -still in progress, but I did get that sabbatical to happen :^)
  2. Get some shelves up -kitchen, litter box room, office -completely missed the mark, I’m not the best at manual tasks and should probably hire help for this goal (anyone, anyone? interested?)
  3. Cull my clothing, keeping only what I love, and keep clothes picked up -I’m happy with my results from this
  4. Eat honey early (for allergies) –I was all over that one, natural sweets = heck yeah!
  5. Develop a “family creed” with my partner -there’s a working draft on our kitchen blackboard right now

Goal for this blog

  1. Grow to 10 views per day –close, I think; 2013 will be even better as I’m making new friends in the blogosphere

Secret resolutions

  1. Visit as many new-to-me local libraries as I’m able –well, I did visit a few non-local libraries, and one very local
  2. Attend a writing residencyI’ll be re-applying to the residency I was wait-listed from last summer

Lets go forward.

Three with sparklers
2013 Resolutions

  1. Learn positive intention statement to combat negativity (and keep myself sane)
  2. Discover what it means to “give back” in a way that fits my current station in life


  1. When I wake up, get up! (Instead of forcing myself to go back to sleep and then emerging groggy/grumpy/exhausted)
  2. Reintroduce long-hand writing (letter! blog? novel?)

Goals for this blog

  1. Post at least twice per week (sights towards 3x)
  2. Get a new set of blog business cards printed

And while we’re on the topic, I’d like to introduce you my friend Josie Bray of Simple Steps to Wellness blog, who shared a terrific idea about feeling our way through a successful year.

So what are you working on?

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