I consider the annual Boston Skillshare a quiet revolution. Each year, hundreds of people gather to share, teach, connect, celebrate, and practice the art of learning outside the context of conventional learning practices. The one Boston-area event that I will hard-sell to pretty much anyone willing to listen (all ages, all genders, you’ve got a pulse? Come to the Skillshare!), this year’s bundle of workshops was held in a new location, JP’s Spontaneous Celebrations.

Boston Skillshare - considering the workshops

Although one day of skillsharing really wasn’t enough for me (usually it occurs over a weekend), I appreciated, as always, the homemade vegetarian breakfast and lunch (included in the $3-$10 sliding scale entrance fee) and the opportunity to unabashedly get my learn on.

This year, I enjoyed:
Basic Tree Identification (my partner and I pretend-compete to identify trees, birds, and dogs)
The Science and Art of Making Your Own Household Products (so far I’ve used these recipes to successfully make glass cleaner and deodorant)
Freeing Your Natural Voice (theory about how we vocalize sounds, and exercises)

Next year I hope to get back into teaching -perhaps a reprise of my Crochet 101 and Crochet 102: Granny Squares workshops, or something new. We’ll see!

Ajay compares leaves