Growing up in Central New Jersey, I’ve spent many hours wandering around Homdel Park.  Family picnics, chickens clucking up in the trees, learning about early American farm-life through Longstreet Farm, barn cats, geese on the lawn, even -one might say- an important first-ish date-ish-thing with a VIP.

Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it surprises me that I’m still spending time down on the farm at Longstreet.  This past weekend, my partner, his sister, and I lazed around the grounds -watching the traditionally clad workers toil in the sun, cutting wheat.  It was a good reminder of what life was like for some, and yet another reason to feel thankful for the modern inventions that spoil us wildly today (such as the digital camera with which I captured these photos.)

Farmers harvesting wheat

The wheat machine

Farm peacock

Chicken stretches