I think was a teenager when I first started noticing that, if I emphatically announce that I WILL NOT DO something, there’s about an 80% chance I’ll end up doing it . . . .  and (I hate to admit) possibly liking it.

In college, I started using the phrase “pride before the fall,” with impressive frequency as I watched this occur in the lives of myself and my friends . . . with impressive frequency.

This, I believe, explains my sudden plaid explosion at eighteen, and in my twenties, an inaugural pair of Dr. Martens.  And to bring us to the present, between 2011 and 2012, I’ve gone camping in Vermont twice.

In case you wondered, I don’t camp.

Tending the fire


Y pets the cow

Recumbent trike

On the rocks


Resting post hike

A friend

And, if you catch me at it, be certain I don’t like it.