My week has been bookended by the fastest dance footwork I’ve seen since my job’s annual Hip Hop Festival for children, and also the slowest dance I’ve seen probably ever.

First, the fleet: My partner and I were invited by a friend to check out India Jazz Suites, showing at the Boston ICA.  All I knew about the show was that it featured a contemporary of Savion Glover, one of my favorite dancers.  First we attended a half-hour lecture on the two choreographers, including a description of a classical Indian  dance form called Kathak. Next, we were charmed and blown away.

Second, the slow.  Part of Harvard University’s ARTS FIRST festival, Slow Dancing is an outdoor video installation by David Michaelek shown from April 20 to 29 (7-11 PM) in front of the Widener Library in Harvard Yard.  I stopped by on a chilly Tuesday, just to take a peak, and stayed an hour.  Lucky for me, I had an apple in my backpack and the folks running the show were kindly offering wool blankets to keep warm.  As the artist explains, at first it’s excruciating to watch something go so slow (snails, anyone?  paint drying?), but then the magic happens and you are transported to a place of exquisite observation.

Two women

Fan dance

Dancer in red