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I’ve been remiss in posting to Whole Heart Local.  Not because I have nothing to say, but because I am doing too much, which leaves scant energy for writing or crafting.  Good thing the HEAT descended on Monday (over 80 degrees . . . in April!)  I thought I’d never have the opportunity to laze around the neighborhood, doing nothing, accomplishing even less…

Of course, it’s also true that my annual custom for Marathon Monday is to move as slowly as possible to counterbalance the twenty-thousand-odd runners thundering through the Brookline and Back Bay as part of the Boston Marathon.

So my day consisted of:

Snoozing under the Cherry Blossoms in the Arbs


Cherry blossoms

Brewing up some sun tea

Sun tea

Watching the laundry dry

Drying laundry

Watching the cat, hotbed of activity that he is

Jack on the porch

Jack by the records

Trying out a new two-person board game

New board game

To bed!

Sun over Jamaica St.

What did you do on Hot Monday?