At long last, my 2012 resolutions and goals.  This January, my mind was abuzz with what I’d like to accomplish this year, but the ideas were constantly whizzing by, hard to pin and pen on a slip of paper destined for the ‘fridge.  I think part of the issue is that I had some secret desires knocking around that didn’t want to be exposed.

1.) Practice trust (instead of worry)
2.) Understand that everyone is doing the best they are able

1.) Discover timing and space that works for “Confessions,” and the other books to come
2.) Get some shelves up -kitchen, litter box room, office
3.) Cull my clothing, keeping only what I love, and keep clothes picked up
4.) Eat honey early (for allergies)
5.) Develop a “family creed” with my partner

Goal for this blog
1.) Grow to 10 views per day

Secret resolutions
1.) Visit as many new-to-me local libraries as I’m able
2.) Attend a writing residency

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