Over Columbus Day weekend, I had the opportunity to either travel down to New Jersey with my partner, or camp in Southern Vermont with friends.

I enjoy car rides with my partner because they provide a rich opportunity to catch up, to connect.  As both our families are settled on the Jersey Shore, I considered traveling to the city (NYC) with my mother to explore the MOMA, an activity planned as part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days project.

And then Vermont.  The friends I was to accompany are somewhat new in my life –sweet, bright-eyed, earnest world-savers.  The weekend included sleeping in a tent (I’m a bed/indoor plumbing sort), apple-picking (to which I look forward to every year), and other outdoor activities.  It was a risk.  Would I have fun?  Was it fair to attend while my partner pried shingles off his parent’s roof in the hot sun?  What would I eat?

Somehow, somewhere in me bubbled up my old resolve that, if intimidated, all the reason to rush in.  I called on the girl I’ve long appreciated for her tenacity and resourcefulness.  The girl who says oops! and then laughs.

So glad I did.