joanna and david at the river, portland

When travelling, in addition to enjoying the company of friends (i.e. staying in their homes for free and demanding that they cook for me) and scoping out libraries, I seek what I refer to as “health food stores.” Gimme a long aisle of bulk foods bins, and I practically melt. Granola combos I haven’t yet experienced? Yum. Kombucha on tap? Yes!

new seasons market at rosa parks station

New Seasons Market has me hoping this charming new Portland-based chain will successfully make the leap to my home-coast, similar to its now ubiquitous (and occasionally maligned) predecessor.

I also like a good wander . . .

end petlessness bulletin board

rosa parks station

leaves in clover

outside powells books, portland

. . . particularly pared with a purposeful dash to get somewhere I’ve never been, on time, and with beer/treats in tow!

the sprocket podcast

David and I joined the hosts of The Sprocket Podcast, a show I’ve been listening to for a few years that covers ideas, activities, and efforts related to “simplifying the good life.” It was a delight to meet Brock and Aaron in person, and appreciate a bit of the good life ourselves. (Tune in to episode E157 to hear David and me offer very helpful, non-solicited advice on how to cook plaintain and what happens when you attempt to carry a laptop in your bike panniers.)



david checks out the camera

“So, there are a few different types of plantain . . .”