If I were to sum up my first impression of the Arlington Robbins Library in a word: livable.

Magazines - Robbins Library

Some libraries I visit are impressive works of architecture. Some are one-room, sweet, charming, quaint.

The Robbins Library, housed in a stately building on Mass. Ave. in Arlington Center, moments from a 77 MBTA bus stop and the MinuteMan Bikeway, is the sort of place where you favorite a table, chair, or study cubby.

Robbins Library - teen room

Corner chair - Robbins Library

Floor 2.5

Maybe you show up early in the morning to claim that table/chair/study cubby, and frequenting it becomes your rally cap, magicking you towards the success with your homework/dissertation/novel/job search.

Catalog netbook

Cutest mini library-catalog ever

Form, function, inspiration, and surprises.

Art to check out

Art to check out, literally

Indoors and out

Old and new architecture meet – indoors!

Laptop loaning machine

Self-service laptop loan

Book tableau - The Orchard Thief

Book tableau

I look forward to discovering more on my next visit.