All the blankets

August into September was a whirlwind. Whew! As my summer sabbatical drew to a close, the September crush of work and life distracted me from reflecting and celebrating here on Whole Heart Local, which I so enjoy doing.

So, a few things:

Looking Back
One important milestone that has passed, but should be mentioned, is that Whole Heart Local’s 1 Year Anniversary was September 15th

Looking Forward
This fall, continuing my effort to complete my novel, I anticipate decreasing my blog posts to one per week
Also, stay tuned for a few new Librarytours

This blog is important to me, both as a place to wonder and create beauty and as a professional representation of my writing. I don’t expect to desert it, despite my record for sudden silences. So, my friends, please forgive my most recent lapse.

Onward and upward!