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I love my Canon Rebel EOS automatic film camera, but it tends to make me tardy.  What with having to use up all the exposures before I can get a roll developed, and having to schlep all the way to CVS (which doesn’t do that great a job), and then with the sometimes coming out funky and off-color -like what happened with my shots from Wake Up the Earth, a parade and festival organized by Spontaneous Celebrations.

If you can forgive the blue tint . . .

Legalize chickens

This year’s Wake Up the Earth was my first time at the festival full day. I even brought my mom.

My companions

Hi, Mom!

It’s the most amazing festival: color and passion and humor and generosity and music and heartfelt dancing and ginger beer. I invited my mother because, as far as I can see, Wake Up the Earth is a big bite of what makes JP, JP.



Young dancers


And who doesn’t love that?

Yarn bombed