Bike bundle at JP Music Fest

Bike shopping. On one hand, it’s been five years since I shopped for a new bicycle. On the other, I do it every day. Every time I pass a rack-full, I spy sweet rides. Recently, knowing there’s a purchase in my future, I’ve started staring hard at nearly every bike I pass, wondering, Is that the ONE?

My current bike –the tank– was a nervous purchase from the Cambridge Police Auction. Nervous because I hadn’t owned a good bike since the Columbia of my childhood, nervous because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to ride in the city (shooting down Bolyston, center-lane, with a yowling cat perched on your shoulder, anyone?) I told myself that I wouldn’t chance a new bike unless I proved to myself that I was really going to ride. It took a while, but the challenge has been met.

A confirmed maker-of-lists for all purposes and situations, I have taken the opportunity to compose a wish-list that I’ve, so far, given to my favorite bike mechanic/sales-lady for review. I’d like to think she was impressed by my nerd-acity (new word, just made that up.)

Phoebe Needs A New Bike

What I’m looking for:

  • Use: daily commute/weekend rides
  • Light enough to carry up flight of stairs daily
  • Faster than current mountain bike hybrid
  • Rear rack included
  • Preferably includes fenders
  • Interested in drop handlebars (or feature that promotes good wrist posture)
  • Discrete (fade from the eyes of thieves)

What I ride now:

  • Raleigh mountain bike hybrid
  • Heavy!
  • Ugly (a plus!)
  • Bad breaks
  • Rack & fenders