One of my favorite quirks of the main branch Boston Public Library is how items move around within -appearing and disappearing seemingly on the whim of the library staff. For example, there’s a little nook (vestibule, foyer?) where statues reside, just outside of Bates Hall in the McKim building. I’ve seen many different statues there.

Most recently, this one:

Library statue with swan

(Please excuse the dark photo; new point-n-shoot! Just getting adjusted.)

So what is happening here, you ask?

1.) The child appears to be either teasing or feeding the swan.
2.) Is that a swan, or perhaps it’s a goose?
3.) Why is the clothing so loose on this child? Any moment, to the floor!

In a world filled with decorative items, I suppose statues aren’t required to make sense. In any event, I’m curious to see what will replace it when the time comes. Whenever that is.