IMG_5385Often, I find a good way to get a handle on something is to describe what that something is not. I’ve contemplated this in relation to Whole Heart Local, whose creation I perseverated over a great deal during summer 2011.

This blog is not (as far as I’m aware):

  • An attempt to land a book deal
  • Intended to make me a load of cash, or even enough to “quit my job”
  • Intending to attract an audience of thousands
  • A high horse (I hope!)

And for the converse (generally harder to figure.)

This blog is:

  • A place to land my thinking and writing, seeing as how my other projects (read: novels in progress) couldn’t beat a three-toed sloth in a road race, with rocket boosters
  • A home on the web to which to invite my family, friends, current and potential partners in the world of writing and arts
  • Repository for the hundreds of photos crowding my Flickr account