What is Whole Heart Local?

  • A joyful record of my life in Boston, my adopted city, and it’s quiet treasures
  • My life a-lovin’ libraries, books, reading, and writing
  • My celebration of hyper-local pleasures (strawberries from the front yard, anyone?)
  • My journey into “whole-hearted”ness, a condition I’ve only recently learned a name for but have aspire to
  • A wicker bike basket stuffed with letters
  • A complicated ode to simplicity
  • Manifestation of my craving for connection
  • Brave striving against my twin desires for perfection and neatness
  • A love song to the writings, poems, blogs, and people who inspire me

Welcome.  I’m glad you’ve come.

Whole Heart Local is meant to serve as my new(est) home on the web.  A home I’ve been planning -however cerebral the process- all summer and one I’m excited to build, digital brick by brick.  Here you will find musings, blunders, blubbering, sentences begun with prepositions (naughty!), silliness, lists, posts that are far too long, snapshots, wondering, wry asides, misspellings and other imperfections, severe lack of schedule, words strung together just for the heck of it, and more than perhaps you wanted to know about the various under-cultures of Boston and it’s snuggly environs.

Whole Heart Local, in it’s more practical application, is intended to continue the efforts of my other blog attempt, Librarytour.  (Note the term “attempt.)  So, see, there will be a sort of split: part Librarytour, part Boston Moments.  And then everything else.  A three-way split (I hear those are rare.)

Thanks for dropping by.  It’s lovely to be here.